Tuesday, 21 June 2011

The Devil Is In The Detail

So this week I am blogging about the preparations and work involved for this weekend's weddings.   It seems the motto is the same for florists as it is for painters and decorators. 'Preparation is everything' and cutting corners will show on the day.  Making a wedding day appear to have come together with ease, with everything running smoothly and looking perfect is what separates the 'men from the boys' in terms of wedding suppliers.

In a recent blog post  the lovely Kelly Hood from Boho Weddings and Events  listed just some of her duties which she carries out during - On the day co-ordination.  This long list does not include all her other duties she performs whilst preparing for a client's wedding.  But it is this attention to detail which creates a perfect day.  By the way Kelly....if you are reading this, if you ever need anyone to help with the 'opening champagne' role,  I am always available!

Also the gorgeous Janey Butler over at Sweet Days and Roses  takes so much time and care in her preparation for her clients' big day.  She will go that extra mile to source the perfect prop or accessory to make the day look perfect.

Here at Rosa one of our brides is having beautiful candelabras as her table centre pieces.  Now I could have given these a quick wipe down and assumed that guests would be so taken up with the day that they wouldn't notice the splodges of now hardened melted wax from a previous wedding.

 Or  I could pay attention to preparation and detail and take the candelabras apart and wash, clean and polish each piece.

Finally putting them all back together again and thread strings of pretty crystals on each one. 

Preparation complete......now it is time to dress them with arrangements made using champagne coloured vandella roses.

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