Friday, 7 October 2011

From Flower to Flour

This time last week I was up to my eyes in cake (no bad thing!!!) and had a house full of lovely ladies and friends who came to my Macmillan Coffee Morning

                                                   (Our Gorgeous Cake 'Buffett')

It was was great fun and a brilliant way for lots of local ladies to 'catch up' .It was also a fantastic excuse to eat loads of cake and most importantly raise funds for such a worth while cause.

We had a great turn out, the weather was gorgeous and the 'coffee morning' soon became a 'coffee day'.....

The very lovely Louise at  Jelly Tots & Dolly Mixtures delivered boxes of her totally gorgeous mini Red Velvet cupcakes.  It was a real struggle making sure I didn't devour these before my guests had even arrived!

                                              (cakes by Jelly Tots & Dolly Mixtures)

As well as Louise's cakes we had a team of bakers, including myself, creating masterpieces such as Apple Cake, Millionaire Bread, Brownies and loads of cupcakes.......mmmmmm.

WARNING - Wear Elasticated waistbands when hosting and attending a Macmillan Coffee morning !

My event was held in memory of my lovely friend Jeanette and we raised a remarkable £472.00 in her memory for Macmillan.

On a separate note I seem to have become addicted to baking, so roll on next year's event who knows what masterpieces I will be preparing for my guests........

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