Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Opportunity Knocks....

The New Year is here and with it comes the anticipation of what lies ahead.  For me, change is in the air.  Events last year led me to take stock and question whether I was happy with my 'career lot' or whether there were new possibilities out there for me.  As a wise man apparently said regret the things you didn't do rather than those you did.

I am embarking on a new journey and hanging up my 'florist apron' for the time being, whilst I pursue exciting new opportunities.   This is a big, brave step for me however, I'm not THAT brave...or big so I will not just be wandering in the wilderness but keeping to the paths clearly signed posted 'Wedding Industry'.   I think it is nicer to walk with friends than alone.

I have given my blog a little spring clean, ever hopeful that spring is on it's way.  I have closed one door, well pulled it to rather than closed it completely and I am ready to open a new one.  Let the journey begin.  Who knows where it may lead....................

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Perfect Day

Yesterday was my 14th Wedding Anniversary.  Yes, 14th !!! On the 28th November 1997 I acquired the title Mrs.Clarke.  A title I feel very lucky to have.  Mr.C became part of my life at a time of sadness and chaos and brought with him lots of love, kindness and calm.  It wasn't long before I was head over heels and after a whirlwind romance we set the date.

We were married on a cold but bright day in November at the lovely Stanneylands Hotel in Wilmslow.  I wore a cream dress by Hilary Morgan Over the years this has spent time in my daughters' dressing up box and the detachable train made a great 'roof' when den building. Now redundant it is packed away as you never know this may one day be 'vintage'.  I carried a bouquet of Cream Roses with a Salal leaf collar by Chelsea Flowers and our cake was by Edible Art near Stockport.

It was only a small wedding, I didn't have bridesmaids, table centres, ushers, flower girls, etc. etc........... just a bride and groom with family and friends, a gorgeous wedding breakfast followed by lots of wine and dancing. Perfect!! Speaking of perfect, I know there will be many of you out there who think they have the perfect partner but, I am sorry to disappoint, as in fact the perfect partner belongs to me.  (If you ignore DIY skills that is!)

14 years on we are still happy, still in love and we have 2 beautiful that's perfect.

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

A Dedication to Jane Packer

Yesterday we heard the very, very sad news that Jane Packer has died.

Jane Packer was truly inspiring and  had a huge influence on the floristry world.  She will be greatly missed and as the word spread yesterday of her untimely death florists came together to share their sadness.

Many spoke of how she had inspired them and those who knew her and had the privilege of working with her spoke of a wonderful lady and a fantastic boss.

Jane started out by opening a small florist Shop in Essex.  She went on to create a global empire in which her name and memory will live on.

Thursday, 20 October 2011

Pretty Pastels

Recently I've blogged about having a neutral colour scheme for your wedding flowers or opting for a bright palette. But, lets not forget the pastels.  Using pastel shades for your wedding flowers will create a soft feminine look and these soft pretty shades work really well with Vintage inspired weddings.

Here is some of my work using pastels shades to inspire you........

 From Pinks ......

To Lilacs.....

 Finishing touches ......

Cakes we have dressed with baby pinks and also vintage style roses...............

And finally we have used pastels when dressing venues......

Flowers by Rosa and Co (of Course!!) images by us, Matt Stansfield and Caroline White and Lisa Gardner

Monday, 10 October 2011

White or Bright (Part 2)

So if wedding flowers in neutral tones are not for you then take inspiration from some of our work using more brightly coloured flowers.  Choose from pink, red, yellow, lime, orange, blue and purple.  This selection is just the tip of the iceberg, so let your imagination run wild and be a 'bright bride'......

Images by Lisa Gardner Photography Jenny & Keith McAvoy and also thanks to Laura at  Laurel Weddings who created the gorgeous Mango Calla and Red Rose/lime Green Orchid bouquets for Rosa and Co.

Saturday, 8 October 2011

White or Bright (Part 1)

When it comes to wedding flowers, the dilemma for lots of brides is whether to go for a neutral colour scheme which is timeless and classic or whether to opt for the colour 'of the moment' and go for something on trend.

To help you make up your mind here's a little inspiration.......

Firstly let's concentrate on neutrals and everything that's cream, white, ivory and champagne.  Here's a selection of my 'white' work and there's plenty of flowers to choose from including calla lilies, roses, hydrangeas and gyp.  These beautiful images were taken by Jenny & Keith McAvoy Photography

Still unsure............?? Here's a little more of my work in white for you to consider.

And last but by no means least here are some of my gorgeous brides who opted for neutral bouquets......

Photography by Jenny & Keith McAvoy Something New Photography Lesley Meredith and Lisa Gardner