Thursday, 30 June 2011

And The Winner Is.......

Yesterday's post and Competition featuring Jelly Tots & Dolly Mixtures was a huge success and I had a record number of hits to the blog.  As a new blogger I often gaze upon the 'big players' with blog envy. To be able to quote monthly page hits the size of those of Rock My Wedding  or to have interviews with big names in the wedding industry similar to those featured on Love My Dress and to be offering sponsorship packages like the fabulous English Wedding.   Maybe one day I will be able to say.."Rambling Rose Media Pack now available."
Yesterday's post has actually resulted in an email from a company wanting to be featured on the blog, so let the journey begin.....

Obviously building up a following takes time, effort, hard work and most importantly good content.  There is also the whole mind field of SEO's, Google Ads, RSS feeds etc. etc.  However, despite today's technically advanced world it would appear old fashioned methods to do still work. - "OFFER FREE CAKE!!!!"

So thank you to all who visited yesterday I hope you enjoyed the post and also a big thank you to those who took the time to enter the competition.

Without further a do, the winner of the gorgeous Jelly Tots and Dolly Mixtures Cakes is.........................LELA CRIBBIN!!!! Well done Lela, lady luck has been shining on you. I hope you enjoy your cakes!

There is lots more to come on the blog so I hope you will stop by again.  However, I can't promise there will always be free cake.

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