Wednesday, 29 June 2011

The Baking of an Empire

The tea is brewed and there are PLENTY of cakes so take a seat and join us for a chat with Louise from Jelly Tots and Dolly Mixtures
Her company came to my attention during the early part of 2010 when I noticed a shop very close to my home undergoing refurbishment.  I would frequently pass and watch as the shop was gutted and transformed from a drab unit into a beautiful pretty pink palace.  It's the kind of shop I wish I owned (my small issue of poor baking skills aside).

Louise's cupcake journey began after being made redundant from a career in forensics with the police.  She explains....."  I love baking and spent alot of time baking cakes while I was job hunting after my redundancy.  I made cupcakes for friends and family which proved very popular.  Whilst working for the Police Force in London I saw lots of cupcake boutiques but on my return to Manchester, noticed there was nothing like this.    I decided this was what I wanted to do."  Louise found the shop and refurbished it during terrible weather and snow.  It took a little longer than she thought to get the shop just as she wanted but by May 2010 it was perfect and ready to open.

With a beautiful product and her passion for customer service her business has grown from day one.  So what has been your proudest moment...." I think my proudest moment so far has been getting the contract to supply cupcakes to Selfridges.  With nothing to loose I contacted Selfridges and by July 2010 my cupcakes were in store."

And what are your plans for the future......."The future of the business is looking very exciting.  We have just agreed a huge contact with the high end supermarket Booths.  Our cupcakes will soon be stocked in the Knutsford branch, followed by Media City and gradually expanding to their 26 stores!! We are also in correspondence with other companies and we are looking into opening another shop."

As I have already mentioned Louise is passionate about customer service and when I asked her what is the best part of her job, she said........"After the baking which I will always love, it has to be meeting my customers.  Whether they are just popping in for one cupcake or booking their wedding, each cupcake and customer is special to us!"  No matter how busy Louise is she always makes time to go to the front of the shop and say hello and chat to her customers.

So let's tuck in and talk CAKES!! Jelly Tots & Dolly Mixtures create high end quality cupcakes for customers to enjoy everyday of the week and for those of you on diets - Please look away now!!

Louise admits her favourite flavour has to be the RED VELVET.  She temptingly says..."It is a deliciously light vanilla cupcake with just a hint of cocoa.  It really does have the texture of velvet and melts in the mouth.  It is topped with a smooth but rich cream cheese topping.  It is the best seller in our boutique and has also become the best seller for Selfridges.

For those of you who are now salivating and need a cupcake 'fix' Jelly Tots & Dolly Mixtures cupcakes  can be purchased from their beautiful pink boutique and in the food hall at Selfridges  in the Trafford Centre. Standard cupcakes are £1.80 and specials are £2.00.  Or treat friends and family and choose 12 from across their range of flavours for £20.  They also deliver so give them a call or check the website for details.

IT'S COMPETITION TIME !!! So Hands Up if you would like a cupcake.......?!!!!!!!!  ( Can't believe I just asked such a daft question!!!!)

We have a box of six absolutely gorgeous Jelly Tots and Dolly Mixtures cupcakes to give away to one lucky person.    However please note - As these cakes are delicate they cannot be posted and so this competition is open to the lovely folk of Greater Manchester and Cheshire.  Jelly Tots and dolly Mixtures have a large delivery area including up to Bolton and over to Knutsford  Big apologies farther flung friends!

So to be in with a chance of winning simply add a comment to this post or email me or tweet me @rosaandco with the reason why you deserve this 'Sweet Treat'!! - Good Luck!

As for me I have really enjoyed my tea and cake, so "Thank you Louise" I say as I wipe my sticky fingers and the sweet crumbs from the side of my mouth.....oh go on then just one more....


  1. What a beautiful post, fab story, and amazing cakes. Was all ready to enter, and now I sit here in tears!! Are you sure they can’t be posted?? x

  2. Oh I do love a good cupcake, especially JT&DM's! Well, apart from that, I've just finished uni for the year with a 2:1 and would love some good comfort food to de-stress with. And I live in Manchester too :) xx

  3. I'm a creative and it'd been a busy few weeks and would be nice to have a nice treat to indulge my sweet tooth :)

  4. Another lovely blog by the good folk at Rosa, does that win me the cakes!

  5. Thank you for your comments. You are in the drawer to win the cupcakes!

  6. Aw, What a fab read. I love Jellytots and Dollymixture cupcakes. Louise is very accommodating with orders, I've only ordered once but will be back for more, unfortunately I have been made redundant and applied left right and centre for jobs but not heard anything yet. I know I won't win, I never win anything! However I am having so much bad luck at the moment I am hoping someone up there wants to give me a break. I would love to win and I'd share them with my hubby who is working extra hard for us and our 2 children who have had outstanding school reports :) x

  7. Hello! Hmmm, why do I deserve to win a box of cupcakes? Well, I could tell you about how hard I've been working and balancing the boys, home life, the business and time with the husband . . . but then isn't that life for us all!? The simple truth is I ADORE CUPCAKES and that is why I should win. Plus the photos of the cakes look absolutely AMAZING!

    Cathy xx

  8. I'd like to win these cakes and give them to my dance teacher for her birthday next week. I can't actually afford to buy her a cake or a present at the moment.


  9. Have had raving reviews from my sister in law when I bought her dozen for her 30th and at my best friends hen party. Would love to share more of your yummy cakes and introduce them to my work friends too. Xxx

  10. Thank you all for your comments. You are all in the draw to win the gorgeous cakes. winner will be announced this morning. Good luck everyone.